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Want to set up a clear marketing sysTem and acquire skills on how to use AI-TOOLS?

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Looking for ways to save time and money on marketing?

We have created a new-age e-commerce model "Boosting Loyalty" - a 5-step guide to automate your digital marketing and connect with new customers, and making regular customers your brand ambassadors. And for every step, we have AI-tools to help you.

We are here to help you save time, money, and working hours.

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“I recommend the “Permanent Connection” training to anyone who wants to simplify their marketing processes with the help of artificial intelligence. The training focused on the participants’ businesses and real-life examples; the next day, it was possible to apply the knowledge to your strategy.”

Marko Laane
Elisa Eesti AS – Marketing manager of new services


“I found out how to make chatGPT work better for me – I used it a bit already, but now the picture has become much clearer. In addition, I liked the fact that I can now use the DISC model for copywriting. I’ve been aware of DISC before but didn’t realize it could be used in texts; it was a good discovery for me!”

Siret Kristel


“I learned how to create a social media plan and write copy—in addition to writing e-mails and different ways to ask chatGPT to improve the already written text further. An excellent thing I would like to try is testing different copies based on DISC to be tested with the same design. The training should be attended by everyone who comes into contact with marketing in their daily work, both in the narrower and broader sense, to understand the different people involved in their work and the work of those who, perhaps more specifically, deal with different sections of the work!”

Meeri Tiirats


“The training turned out to be extremely useful and, most importantly, practical. I got many tips on how to make ChatGPT work even more effectively for the benefit of my business and which prompts to use (in fact, I heard what a prompt is for the first time during the training 😀 ). The use of square brackets was also new to me; indeed, my friend ChatGPT gives much better answers. I will use all the tricks I receive in my everyday work! And, of course, the #torimduo is so inspiring and direct. Even through the screen, you could feel that they want to help and pass on what they have learned to make the lives of other marketers/small entrepreneurs easier. I recommend going through this training, even if you think you already know enough!”

Pille Lõugas
Product Marketing Manager ESTO AS

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