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As a husband-and-wife team, we combine our diverse skills and experiences to teach companies the B2C marketing model Boosting Loyalty. Our backgrounds in sales, digital marketing, customer experience development, and self-management, coupled with our entrepreneurial journey, equip us with a comprehensive understanding of business growth strategies.​

Being life partners raising four children together, we bring a unique depth to our professional synergy. This personal connection enables us to deliver cohesive, well-rounded training programs that deeply resonate with our clients.

In addition to our business growth strategies, we offer insights into maintaining a balanced work-life dynamic, particularly for high-performing individuals. We understand the pressures faced by top performers and provide strategies to sustain peak performance.

Our combined expertise, personal connection, and commitment to holistic success make us uniquely positioned to guide companies on their growth journey. We don’t just teach business strategies; we provide tools for sustainable success in the fast-paced digital age. Our approach is about improving business metrics and fostering a culture of continuous learning and adaptation that drives long-term growth.

I am Teet. My entrepreneurial journey has seen me build an e-commerce store from scratch and co-found the Social Media Marketing School.

I’ve made academic contributions as a lecturer at TalTech University, teaching strategic digital marketing.

I’ve served on the board of the Estonian E-commerce Association.

I am an international marketing mentor at the European Innovation Academy, Kiuas Accelerator, and Alchemist Accelerator.

My previous roles include being a co-founder and CEO of B2C company Boost Yourself, and a sales manager at various companies, including Carlsberg Group and HKSCAN Estonia.

My name is Kati Torim. I began my career as the service manager of Kõue Manor, which later won the World’s Most Inspired Design Hotel Award in 2016. 

I founded a Private coaching house and co-owned the organic bakery cafe Rohujuur as its development and marketing manager. 

I co-created Summerteam, a youth employment platform, and in 2015, I was named “Education Friend of the Year” for my work with a small manor schools. 

I’ve authored two self-management books. As a lecturer, I developed the “Mindful Self-Management” subject for the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences.

I am also a marketing and B2C business mentor at various start-up accelerators around the world (European Innovation Academy, Kiuas Accelerator, and Alchemist Accelerator). 

Kati Torim

Follow me on LinkedIn, and I will be one message away.

Follow me on LinkedIn, and I will be one message away.

Teet Torim

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